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Current Crisis in Las Anod

We work in the Horn of Africa, which is characterized by civil unrest, environmental degradation, and natural calamities (particularly droughts). As a result of the current crises in Las Anod, the Sool Region, humanitarian crises unfolded, and over 200 people died, more than 600 injured, and 200K households fled to the nearby rural villages around Las Anod for their lives. These IDPs left all their properties and lost their pity trade livelihoods—the host communities that IDPs fled to live in dire conditions due to prolonged droughts and locust invasions.


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Las anod, sool region

The support of this organization represents a significant opportunity for donors who want to deliver lasting solutions that will alleviate suffering caused by the war and drought.


Displaced people moving to near towns

Women and children are facing the most severe suffering. They are at high risk for not accessing essential life-saving services.

Blue Skies

Las anod, sool region

The crisis at Las Anod and nearby towns and cities are going very rapidly and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis facing the country. 

Las anod, sool region

We urgently appeal to the local and international aid agencies to provide immediate assistance to LAS ANOD'S suffering and vulnerable people.

Destroyed Patient's ward 

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Destroyed blood bank

Las Anod hospital

 The war and the siege of the Las Anod cIty caused a severe shortage of essential medical supplies. People are dying due to the lack of basic medical care. This is going worse if we don't act fast.


Las anod, sool region

Due to the current crisis in Las Anod, there is a need for emergency relief assistance.

HAOSDE plans to undertake relief operations ASAP for medicine, food, shelter, blankets, health care, water, sanitation, etc.


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