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Sustainable Farming

HAOSDE aims to transform communities. The scheme constitutes the start of a long-term program to develop rain-fed cultivation and livestock (WHOLE FARM APPROACH). It will initially target the agro-pastoral zone but progressively will expand activities in pastoral areas. The project activities aim to establish a more comprehensive package of technical and product supply services capable of working closely and constantly with the producers, providing them technical advice and means of production to address environmental degradation, increasing production, and household income and nutrition. The other important feature is to adopt a participatory watershed approach to enhance farming activities.

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In this northern region of the Horn of Africa, communities used traditional farming systems such as hand tillage and ox-drawn to plow or till fields before planting and use hand-broadcast seeding. However, the gap between production and food needs was widening due to population growth, and they found it more difficult to feed themselves. HAOSDE recognized this community's need and procured a farm tractor to improve and increase access to nutritional food.


HAOSDE believes that a sustainable solution needs a technical solution such as sustainable farming with farm tractors or other equipment in this region. Furthermore, farming techniques that protect the environment and prove beneficial for public health and promote economic profitability are necessary to alleviate the shortage of food production in this region.


Access to food is a significant challenge, and everybody should have access to nutritional food at an affordable price.


The support of this organization represents a vital opportunity to donors or partners who want to deliver lasting solutions that will accelerate socio-economic development and enhance the resilience of vulnerable groups, especially women, youth, and small farmers.

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